Expanding our collaboration and cooperation with the partners we have established, we intend to make successful investments in the future

We will step up for more new projects with our partners


With Bosman Van Zaal, which has more than 90 years of experience in its own sector, we have the potential to grow our products by reaching maximum productivity through our latest technology-driven joint projects.

Turkey-based company, engaged in the production of rose oil processing equipments, which began its operations in 1980, has been working on the development and construction of AzRose flower processing plant equipments.

Metzerplas Cooperative Agricultural Organization Ltd. The technology needed for the irrigation system of the Rose Oil Processing Plant was provided by Metzerplas Cooperative Agricultural Organization Ltd. Company with its extensive experience in this particular sector was founded in 1970 in Israel.

Founded by experienced engineers in Isparta, Turkey, CNT Engineering specializes in high technology and has been directly involved in the design of our processing plant.