We produce exquisite flavored rose oils with the maximum productivity so that you enjoy every single moment of your life.

About Azrose Zagatala

We produce exquisite flavored rose oils with the maximum productivity.

The date of establishment of "AzRose" processing plant with a total area of 107 hectares, which is located in the village of Ashagi Tala of Zagatala, so called “Rose Land” of our country, coincides with the year of 2016. The annual production capacity of the enterprise, which has a production unit, warehouse, office, artificial lake with capacity of 5,000 cubic meters, flower plantations and other infrastructure facilities, reaches to 1250 tons of wet flowers, 250 liters of golden roses and 6 thousand liters of Lavender flower oil with the joint work of experts from the countries like Turkey and Bulgaria which are specialized in the field of roses. The equipment used for the processing of rose oil has been obtained from the leading Turkish and Israeli companies who have prioritized in this field around the world. 82 hectares of processing plant is covered with "Damascus Gold Mill" brought from Bulgaria and considered to be the best for its productivity and quality, while the remaining part of the area has been set up with "Lavanda" flower plantations with a fat content of more than 20%. We intend to collect 600 tons of rose petals, as a first step and use produced rosewood oil in various perfumery, detergents, household and food industries. Our key targets in Zagatala project, is to create new jobs for the local population living in this area and raise the region's prosperity. Thereby, it is planned to open 31 permanent and 600 seasonal jobs in newly built enterprises and plants.